Production capacity : 350 - 400 kg per hour 

Body material: made of stainless steel 304 (suitable for food products)

Number of required packaging machines: 5 machines 


Line Sections 

Double Corn Blender 

Function: mixing and hydrating corn

Double Spiral Conveyor

Function: Transferring the Materials spirally from the corn blender to an extruder

Double Extruder 


Production Capacity: 350- 400 Kg/h 

Depending on the type of raw materials, the amount of flavor added and also the thickness of the grain

The extruder can produce up to 40 shapes of chips

Conveyor or Air blower : 

Function: Transferring the Materials from the extruder to an oven 

Drying Oven: 

Equipped with 3 layers conveyor 

Function: roasting and drying corn chips and fully extracting humidity 

Working System : Customized 

1- Diesel system (Riello Italy)

2- Gas system (Riello Italy)

Flavorer (Flavor mixing drum)

Function: spreading homogeneous mixture of oil and flavor on the outside of the chips. 

Double oil & Flavor Blender 

Function: Mixing oil with flavor and spraying it indsie flavor drum 

Capacity: 400 Liters per tank 

Oil pump 

Function: Pumping the flavor with oil from blender to drum 

Conveyor Line (Z-shape)

Function: feeding packaging machines

Working system: Fully Automatic

Filling and packaging volumetric machine: (5 machines)

The machine is made of stainless steel 304 (suitable for food products)

It consists of: structure - filling device - internal system - external protection - feeding device

Working system: mechanical 


Holds quality certificates and 

ISO 9001 - ISO 18001 - OHSAS 18001

And the European product quality certificate CE

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