Packaging materials: sugar - rice - all kinds of legumes - detergent 

Body material: made of stainless steel 304 (suitable for food products)

Filling weight range: 500 -1000 g / 1000 - 2000 g / 2000 -3000 g 


Machine Sections

Filling section

volumetric system via a set of cups to be sized according to the required weight.

The cups are equipped with hermetically closed doors

The cup size can be controlled to increase or decrease the weight via the control panel.

Packaging section

Working system : Mechanical - Servo Motor - Pneumatic (customized)

Bag Shape : customized 

Machine works on all types of thermal rollers except Polyethylene /PE/

Electrical Control

Multi-language PLC contains all the functions of the machine 

Packaging conveyor

Length : 1800 cm / width: 30 cm 

Rotating Table 


Date Printer 

Customized / Waxy - Digital 


Holds quality certificates and 

ISO 9001 - ISO 18001 - OHSAS 18001

And the European product quality certificate CE

Forms of Filling Bag 

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