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PF 70 - volumetric 10-50 G /  Seeds

PF 70 - volumetric 10-50 G / Seeds

Automatic packing and packing machine for packing sunflower and sunflower seeds

The control process of pulling packing roll with the quadrant peeling, an Italian model, which is responsible for pulling

packed items mechanically.


Packing system is volumetric; the weights are determined by telescopic cups.

All parts that contact the material is made of stainless steel 304.

Production capacity is between 50 == 70 packing per minute



Customized roll-up display

(The shape of packing is a three-sided welded pad (pillow system

The packing system is volumetric. The weights are determined by the telescopic cups made of polyamide. Weight is between 35 g == 50 g

 The Korean thermostat is a sophisticated and very precise touch control which is separated from the control panel, 2 pieces

 The machine works in packing all thermal rolls except for polyethylene /PE

The machine is provided with engine /1 / hp + speed gear + invertor packaging machine

The machine is provided with engine / 1 / hp + speed gear + main instrument for machine movements

The machine is provided with machine motor / 1 / hp + speed gear + special invertor device for the process of pulling the packed item

The machine is provided with LG touch screen including all programmed ways of the machine in 3 language

Insulated thermal heaters, 220 volts, provided from the largest Turkish companies

(The machine is equipped with a colorful photo series to control the length of the product electronically (Data Logic

All LG electric parts and photocell coils are marked CE 

The machine is provided with an electric planner and all machine wiring is numbered in the electric panel

Electric Power // 220 // Volts // 50 // Hertz // 3000 W

Dimensions of the machine Width: 145 // cm, length // 225 // cm, height // 255 // cm and machine weight // 725 KG 
Fitted with thermal printer, 3-line waxy sponge 
The machine is provided with a shaker machine for salt filtering, which is a Turkish industry



CertificateS of Quality
ISO 9001 - ISO 18001-OHSAS 18001
 And the quality certificate of CE European products









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