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EXW400 + Corn Snacks Production line of yellow corn model Double  400 kg/H

EXW400 + Corn Snacks Production line of yellow corn model Double 400 kg/H

Specification of the production line of yellow corn syrup model EXW400

The EXW400 corn chips production line consists of the following parts:
1. Corn Moisturizing Mixer; capacity of 400 kg. 2 pieces.
2. The spiral feeder.2 pieces.
3. Extruder 2 pieces. (detonation head and configuration) with automatic coupling device.
4. Air glass
5. Toaster (dryer).
6. Seasoned with flavoring mechanism.
7. Flavor and oil mixers 2 pieces.
8. American flavor pump.


Corn Moisturizing Mixer:2 pieces.
• 400 Kg corn blender made of stainless steel 304 thickness of 2 mm.
• 4 horsepower engine, of Turkish origin, German franchise, KEMEK brand.
• Equipped with a water tank to control corn moisture level with level indicator.
• Mechanical equipment for security and safety.
• Provided with a standard discharge slot.
• Provided with an opening for cleaning, monitoring and indicating the level of materials inside
• Electrical equipment for security and safety to stop working during cleaning and maintenance.
• Control panel with electric and electronic shields (all parts are Schneider German)
• Mixer basin is provided with a magnet to remove metal impurities from corn if there is any.



Spiral Feeder:2 pieces.
• Composed of tank capacity of / 80 / kg
• Made of food stainless steel / 304 / thickness 2 mm.
• provided with a beneath hole for cleaning up.
• Automatically feed materials to the Extruder
• Mechanical protection for preventing the entry of worker's hand into the mixer (metal mesh)
• Provided with a magnetic mechanism to remove the metal impurities, if any was found inside the corn.
• Turkish engine capacity of 2 HP German franchise + EMAK speed tray



Extruder:2 pieces.
• Production capacity: 175> 225 kg / h.
• The structure is made of thermally coated iron and is covered with food stainless steel 304 thickness of 2 mm
• Gearbox made of the finest European metals (thermally coated)
• Rollins from SKF Germany
• Blockers + oil from SKF USA
• The main engine is Turkish, German franchise EMAK 50 horsepower
• Stainless steel 304 storage tank with level control sensors.
• The main spout for feeding the compressor snail is controlled by the inverter LS brand.
• The product feeding snail is equipped with a speed engine and Turkish turbocharger of Volt brand.
• Korean LS engine inverter for engine speed control.
• Multi-speed knife to control the length of chips with Korean LS inverter.
• Turkish heater, temperature controlled by Korean thermometer, AUTONICS brand.
• Snails are made from the finest metals and processed with the latest ovens (oven and vacuum).
• The extruder is equipped with a water cooling mechanism (closed circuit) of American model
• The extruder is equipped with a US-type compressed air cooling mechanism
• Attached with the Extruder are 5 forms of molds for the chips according to request.
• A separate control panel equipped with German SCHNEIDER ventilators and filters
 The Korean LS has electronic and electrical protection against various factors.
Conveyor belt for the product:
• Air glass
• Transferor of raw materials from the extruder to the furnace


Hot-air drying oven:
• Roasting oven for hot air system of American model
• It can be equipped to operate on diesel or LPG gas
• Conveyor's length 7 meters & width 1 meter.
• The structure is made of thermally coated iron and covered with food stainless steel 304 
• The grille is made of food stainless steel 304.
• It is equipped with a separate firehouse with an Italian burner brand Baltur capacity of 170 Kg.
• It is equipped with precise and programmable heat hours.
• Electric spare parts are of German Schneider brand.
• Gearbox and Engine are of Turkish origin that is an excellent quality.
• Heat-insulated glass fiber thickness of 15 cm from all sides.
• Is equipped with air distribution mechanism from the bottom and above.
Flavor Adder:
• Made of food stainless steel 304 / its diameter 85 cm and length 3 m
• Electronic speed is controlled electronically by (LS) brand inverter.
• The process of the sheets is made to prevent the accumulation of the flavor and to obtain the best result of smooth homogeneous flavoring by the process of rotation of the beads of chips slowly and homogenously during the spray of flavor.
• Served with an individualized steamer with a sophisticated American calibrated flavor.
• provided with a chrome cover by the material exit.
• Provided by wheels for easy moving and cleaning.
• Calibrated to control the time of the chips passing inside.



Mixer of oil and flavor:
• Made of food stainless steel 304 caliber.
• The mixer capacity is approximately 270 liters.
• Double-jacketed for the purpose of indirect heating.
• Flavor mixers are attached to the pump on one end made of thermally coated iron and chrome-plated.
• provided with wheels for easy movement and cleaning.
• The oil mixer is made concavely for easy cleaning.
• It is equipped with a temperature watch to control hot water temperature in blenders.
• Equipped with an indicator to indicate the level of hot water inside.



Flavor pump:
• American model
• An Incarnage engine connected to a pump made of European aluminum.
• The connection is done by "cuplink Katchuk" for easy maintenance and cleaning.
• Equipped with food silicone hose, of Japanese origin.
• Equipped with an electric control panel and an inverter system to control the amount of flavor splashed out on the product.
Important Notes:
• All the machines manufactured in our company are ISO 9001 certified, with Spanish Quality Certificate.
• All the machines manufactured in our company are CE certified.
• We can provide you with the product-installation engineer and operate permanently or temporarily
• We can supply you with raw materials for the high quality products and best prices
• We can provide you with an economic feasibility study and cost for your project


CertificateS of Quality
ISO 9001 - ISO 18001-OHSAS 18001
And the quality certificate of CE European products

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