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Popcorn  production line , Model: Popcorn 70

Popcorn production line , Model: Popcorn 70

Popcorn production line 2019

Model: Popcorn 70 (Turkish Extrusion)

Production capacity: 70 kg / hour Corn + 30 kg flavor with oil 

Line Components:


That regulates the flow of the material inside the Popcorn Blowing Machine where the materials are transported through a snail located in it
Function: It controls the material flowing through a variable speed resistance.
Made of Materials: (stainless steel 304) 


Popcorn Blowing Machine
Working mechanism: Using hot air by high pressure fans
Power on: Diesel
Number of fans: 2
Power: 20 Ampere
Insulation: 10 cm, so it will maintain the temperature of the inner chamber

Sieve Machine 
Function: Isolate non-explosive popcorn (eyelash)
Made of Materials: (stainless steel 304)
Holes size: 6 mm for unexploded beads


Flavor Mixing Drum: (Coating Tumblers)
Made of Materials: Food stainless steel 304
Length: 2.7 m
Equipped with an inverter from LS.
The Flavor drum is closed almost completely from the material
Exit side to Reduce the flavor powder waste, in a new advanced system.
Made of Materials: food stainless steel 304 within the international standards.
Motor: From (Volt Motors) Turkish origin a German franchise.
Gear box: I-mak Motors

  The Flavor Mixer equipped with:
• (Fuji) brand inverter that can control the speed of the Drum electronically.
• Flavor sprayer of an advance Turkish model that can be calibrated.
• Casters (wheels) for easy moving and cleaning.
• Stainless steel cover by the material exit.
 • the structure of the Drum is made in a way to prevent the accumulation of the flavor,  
  and to obtain the best result of smooth homogeneous flavoring is by the slow rotation
  of the chips cereal process during the spray of flavor.
• Calibrated to control the time of the chips passing inside.

Oil and Flavor Mixer (400 Lt):
Function: Mix the oil with the flavor and spray it with the pump inside the flavor drum.
Capacity: 400 liters approximately.
Made of Materials: food stainless steel 304 each one contains  
Motor: From (Volt Motors) Turkish origin a German franchise.
The oil mixer is made in a concave shape for easy cleaning

The Oil Flavor Mixers equipped with:

• Two layers (Double-jacketed) with water filling in between  
       so the oil will not freeze in winter.
• Blender: compound with the pump on a stainless-steel platform
• Temperature controller: to control the water temperature degree in blenders.
• A water level indicator: to indicate the hot water inside from
  Omron (Japanese brand).
• Casters (wheels): for easy moving and cleaning.


Flavor pump:

Function: Pump the flavor with the required quantity.
Model: American Extrusion.  
The engine connected to a pump made of a European aluminum.
Flavor pump equipped with:
• Speed controller inverter from Fuji.
• Food silicone Hose, of a Spain origin.
• An electric control panel and an inverter to control the amount of the 
  flavor that splashes out on the product.

• All electric parts are from SCHNEIDER French.
• Temperature controllers are from Omron (Japanese), 
   the touch control is Sophisticated and very precise.
* All the Motors are from Volt (Turkish origin)
* All the Gearbox are from I-mak (Turkish origin)
  All the Inverters are from Fuji (Japan origin)




Technical Specifications:



Production line diagram:



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