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Liquid packaging machine / ketchup - mayonnaise - mustard - juices

Liquid packaging machine / ketchup - mayonnaise - mustard - juices

Model PLQ 100
Filling and Packaging Machine, Produces Liquids.
Important Notes:
• All the machines manufactured in our company are ISO 9001 certified, with Spanish 
  Quality Certificate.
• All the machines manufactured in our company are CE certified.
• We can provide you with the product-installation engineer and operate permanently 
  or temporarily
• We can supply you with raw materials for the high-quality products and best prices
• We can provide you with an economic feasibility study and cost for your project
Liquid Filling and Packaging Machine
- All the machine and the parts that come to contact with the materials are made of 
  Stainless steel 304.
-The machine is equipped with: The structure, Filling device, Internal System,
  External protection and feeding device.
  Germany Model with a Pneumatic system
- The machine is designed for 24 continuously working hours by its modern mechanical system
   with a Pneumatic system.
- Production capacity: From 70 - 100 packed items per minute
- Equipped with a Germany model controller belt to pull the aluminum foil roll mechanically.
- The horizontal jaws control the bag roll (German model).
  and it is responsible for the mechanical and pneumatic pull of the bag 
- Packing system: German pneumatic gates through air cylinder from Festo
- The weights are determined by a 304 stainless steel cylindrical gate equipped with a white
   teflon gate   
   Weight: from 10 cc to 50cc controlled through screen.
- Bag Shape
- Machines equipped with four packaging units // four filling lines //
  Four-sided welded pillow // Four welded sides for the bag //
- The roll Width of the bag is fixed by request from 4 to 6 cm per bag unit
- The machine packs all thermal rolls except polyethylene / PE /
- Equipped with a large tank made of stainless steel 304 with a capacity of 100 litters.
- The machine equipped with four filling heads through Pneumatic cylinder system 
   from Festo (Germany). 
- Packaging machine for filling liquids within food envelopes.
- All air valves and cylinders from FESTO (German) company and held the CE brand 
- The machine is equipped with conveyor belt
Electrical control:
-All electric parts are from SCHNEIDER French made and LS Korean made.
-It is equipped with a Touch screen panel from LS which all the functions
  can be done in three languages English, Arabic, and Turkish.
-The line is connected to a photocell equipment (DATALOGIKC) that controls the length of 
 the product electronically and held the CE brand as well.
-The air thermal heaters 220-volt, Turkish origin.
- Electricity: 380 – 50Hz 
  Power Requirement:4W
   Machine dimension:
   Width: 145 cm
   Length: 225 cm
   Hight: 255 cm 
   Wight: 800 kg
-Two Temperature controllers are from Omron (Japanese), the touch control is
  sophisticated and very precise and separated from the control panel.  
-The machine is equipped with an electrical diagram and all of its wires are   
  numbered in the electric panel with a German numeral system.
-The machine is provided with cutting knives, heaters and spare parts.
- The Gearbox that responsible for the vertical and the horizontal welding jaws is from
   I-MAK company (Turkish origin).
- The Gearbox that responsible for the right and left Roller Pulling System is from
   I-MAK company (Turkish origin).
- The Gearbox that responsible for the Feeder automatic unit is from I-MAK company 
  (Turkish origin).

CertificateS of Quality
ISO 9001 - ISO 18001-OHSAS 18001
And the quality certificate of CE European products


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