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EXFY 250  Hat  Chips Production line

EXFY 250 Hat Chips Production line

Chips Frying Line  EXFYG 250 (Hat)
Technical Specifications
The line: Chinese model is 200-250 kg powered by diesel automatically
Fry all kinds of chives of wheat flour with cornstarch
The line produces 4 shapes (small pillows, Hat, Slices, Stick)
The line consists of  
Material Blender: 
Function: Hydrating the corn
Capacity: 50 kg
Made of Materials: stainless steel 304 thickness 2 mm
The Engine: 2/hp.
Model: Chine
Mixing Time: 1 min
Blended materials: corn, ground wheat, sugar, starch, salt, water, carbon
Mixer Equipped with:
• Water tank to control corn moisture level and also
  comes with a level indicator.
• Cleaning hole.
• A standard discharge slot.
• A mechanical equipment for security and safety.
• An opening for cleaning and monitoring and indicating the level of materials inside.   
• A control panel that equipped with electronic and electrical protectors
  (all parts are from French Schneider brand) 
Spiral Conveyor : 
Function: Transfer the Materials from the mixer to the extruder
Capacity: 50 kg
Length: 2.50 m
Width: 1.04 m 
Hight: 2.01 m
Made of Materials: food stainless steel 304 thickness 2 mm
Engine: 2/hp from (Volt Motors) Turkish origin a German franchise.
Gear box: I-mak Motors
Spiral Feeder is Equipped with:
• A beneath hole for cleaning up.
• A non-entry mechanical protection into the mixer (metal mesh)
  to prevent the worker's hand from entering the mixer   
• Calibrability
Function: Grinding and forming the materials that enter and making it like dough belts by using the inverter
• Model: Chine
• Production capacity: 200> 250 kg / h.
• Width:0.85m
• Length: 2.5 m
• Height: 1.75 m.
• Engine: 50/HP.
• Inverter: 60/HP
• Engine of materials: Half/HP from LS Korean Origen 
• Slicer table: Chine Model
• Gear Box: that responsible for the cutting are from Chine
• Explosive Head incubator: Chine Model
• Reservoir: equipped with Horizontal Snail to organize the material flow.
• Cooling System: Oil
• The structure is made of thermally coated iron from the inside and it is Armored.
• Oil box blockers: are from USA and German Companies.
• Covers: are made of stainless steel 304 Mesh form. 
• Its equipped with six heaters work on electricity 
• its equipped with Two Screw sleeve: the upper part it, is Hard and rough.
• Screw sleeve bucket: 6 inches.
• The Extruder can come with 2 Dies templates Stick and Hat.
Stick Cutter (Slices + Pillow)
Length: 1.50 m
Width: 0.72 m 
Hight: 1.51 m
Wight: 250 Kg
Consumption: 2k
Motors: 3 
 Tarbush Cutter
Supported with the ability of calibration to control the shape of the hat 
Length: 1.45 m
Width: 0.8 m 
Hight: 1.2 m
Wight: 250 Kg
Consumption: 2k
(From the Cutter to the Feeder) Conveyor
Length: 3.05 m
Width: 0.7 m 
Hight: 2.465 m
Row materials Pellet Feeder:
Capacity: 280 Lt
Made of Materials: stainless steel 304 for the main tank.
Pellet Feeder equipped with:
• Five stages Multi-speed vibrator form VIBSIS one of the most well-known
  companies in Turkey.
  Allowing the materials to flows to the fryer continuously and efficiently 
  to maintain the quality of the pellet chips while entering the oil.
The Fryer:
Capacity: up to 354 Lt of oil.
Production Capacity: 200-250 kg/h.
Made of Materials: stainless steel 304
Length:4 m 
The fryer engine is from VOLT (Turkish origin).
The Gear Box is from I-MAK (Turkish origin) with a two years guarantee.
The Inverter is from LS (Korean origin).
The chips pellet conveyor is also made of a food stainless steel 304
With a five years guarantee. 
The inner tub is insulated from the outside with a thermal insulation
To maintain the oil temperature.
The Fryer equipped with:
• Control panel 
• 45-degree diagonal conveyor to send the materials from the fryer in a
  Way that can make the pellet filtered from the oil and without being 
  Broken, an (Advanced Dutch Technology).   
•  An electric lifter to control the weekly washing and cleaning, by lifting
    its inner tub, The Gearbox that’s responsible for the lifting is from I-MAK
   (Turkish origin).  
•  Filter system, through recycling the oil from the fryer to the filter regularly  
•  Oil vapor chimney to cast away the steam from the oil and intensify the
   Oil vapor as well.
•  Electronic sensor Buoy to control the oil compensation automatically and    
   Accurately (British model).
•  Magnetic ball to regularly compensate the oil that had been consumed
   By the chips pellet and the evaporated oil (Germany origin). 
•  Recycling and filtering oil pump with a
   Capacity of 2000 m3 /h (Turkish origin).    
•  Stainless steel heat-resistant pump that compensates the oil manually 
   And automatically from ERARA (Italian origin).
•  Food Stainless steel 304 connecting net with a quick oil discharge system. 
•  Two compensation Tanks with 300 Lt capacity for each.
   Each Tank is equipped with a 7kw heater to heat the oil that wanted to
   Be compensated to the fryer tub automatically.
• The Burner from an Italian Origen 
The old oil will be discharged from the second tank to be compensated by a new one and by this way, there will be no waste in the old oil.
The fryer if it works on Gas I’ll use the Heat exchanger to heating the oil, 
Which the function of it is to heat the oil by using the Gaz burner and by Using this method it will reduce the oxidation and peroxidation in the oil. 
The oil will heat the internal and external pipes regularly by recyclizing the oil between the exchanger and the fryer tub.
British Vibrator (Four stages of dehydration):
Function: filtering the pellet chips from the oil through four stages Gradually to shake off the pellet chips during the filtration.
Vibrator capacity: 750 kg
Made of Materials: Food stainless steel 304
Length: 2m
Width: 50 cm 
The vibrator engine is equipped with two closed Silencers (Turkish origin).
The first vibrator reverses the second one in filtering the oil 
And it conforms to the British model with its internal blades.
The vibrator is equipped with a pipe on the tub which has a perforated Sieve tha
Returns the refined oil from the pellet chips back to the fryer Automatically. 
The second stage conveyor: 
Made of Materials: Food stainless steel 304
Length: 2m
Width: 40 cm 
It consists of a stainless-steel Tank with an engine with a spiral ending Equipped with an inverter from LS, to control the flow amount of the Flavor receiving vibrator which is a precise distribution system to spray the flavor.
The Seasoning equipped with:
•  Multi-speed electrical seasoning vibrator from VIBSIS.
•  Extra device to spray the air with the flavor as desired.
•  Calibration unit to determine the amount of air that helps
   The pellet chips to be coated fully.   
All the base are covered by stainless steel.

CertificateS of Quality
ISO 9001 - ISO 18001-OHSAS 18001
And the quality certificate of CE European products


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