Atlas international  has worked over the past two decades to develop its products and modernize its production to keep up with the
latest scientific and technological developments in the field of packaging lines, Automatic packaging and production lines.
The company seeks to integrate with all its departments within its engineering and technical staff.
All of the company's products have been built on precise engineering standards, Starting with studying and engineering design by using modern scientific and technical methods, Passing through the implementation phase according to a strict standards and controls based on the latest technologies in industrial, electronic and pneumatic automatic systems.
The quality of the products that we offer is the core of our business, So we take great care in selecting the best types of pieces and metals within the international specifications which leads in maintaining the parts of the machine equipment’s that reduces the friction  force and maintenance work, Which gives the machines the ability to work continuously up to 24 hours, Which reflects in the end on The actual life span of our products compared with other similar products and giving the company the ability to give its customers an open warranty for some countries and a mechanical guarantee for five years in others.
Our efforts in development and innovation have resulted in a patent for one of our products which is registered with the number  5355  at the Directorate of Property Protection. This product can achieve labor saving and increase production capacity.
The previous factors enabled our company to find permanent markets for its products, including all the  Arab countries  and  many African  and  European countries  including  Russia ,  Canada , and  America
We are always looking forward to serving our customers. Our main objective is to provide products that help our customers to offer their products in a unique and high quality eventually, And what distinguishes our company also is the capability of our special technical team in carrying out projects, maintenance, and installation in any country in the world.